‘And What Do You Do?’

//‘And What Do You Do?’

‘…..and what do you do’?
Being a dog groomer involves so much more than I thought it would. Yes, I knew it would involve working with dogs (!) but I just did not think about the owners.
I have met some of the most lovely, funny, caring and kind people you could ever hope to meet. Conversations have ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous and I have proven myself to be woefully under informed on many issues.
In the brief time of dropping off and collecting their canines, people have shared personal problems, asked for advice and taken time to breathe away from the hustle and bustle of daily living. I think the welcome of a calm environment and the garden setting help.
This week I have had the absolute delight of attending Benny the Bichon’s birthday party and the sorrow of hearing that two of my canine clients have passed away. I felt Margaret’s joy as she celebrated the love she feels for Benny and acknowledged the importance of his presence in her life, and I felt the sadness and heartbreak of two clients losing dear and constant companions.
When I am asked ‘and what do you do?’ I take a breath before I reply ‘I’m a dog groomer’ because I know I will often be asked for more information, it’s never a short conversation. The most common question is, have I ever been bitten!
I love my job. I am blessed every day to be caring for such wonderful animals and to have the trust of their owners as they leave them to be groomed. By the way the answer to the question is, not through my work as a groomer but yes by a family dog.
The A Star Canine Spa Pack is growing it reached 150 this week.  If you’d like to join. Call me. I will be delighted to discuss the grooming needs of your dog with you.


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