Day in the Life of a Dog Groomer Near Me

//Day in the Life of a Dog Groomer Near Me

Chapter 1. In the beginning.
Perdy cat wakes me up jumping up onto the bedside table and knocking my glasses onto the floor, as this has not produced the response she wants (food) she knocks off the clock, my diary and my phone. No response, so she taps me gently on the nose. I give in, stumble to the cat food jar and throw some kibble into her dish. Return to bed.
Maisie dog, jealous the cat has had snacks, taps me on the nose too, except she lacks the finesse of a cat.
True, the application of cold water does reduce swelling and I’m sure the redness will fade……
Back to bed……… The lights flash…. What the devil? Ah yes ‘If This, Then That’ app installed for Alexa now tells me there is a chance of rain. Great.
Ignore looks of disgusted disappointment from Maisie as I don my scrubs. Scrubs = no walk yet. Why can dogs make you feel guilty with one look?
Time to face the day with coffee and a quick check on my mobile……email, Facebook, Pinterest…. Oh! I didn’t know you could combine those three ingredients to plaster a wall hanging, garden planter. I must save that for later.
Is it only 8.30am? Dog has been out in the garden, now back in bed for the morning. Cat has had three helpings of snacks and is tummy up in her igloo. Washing-up has been filed away, evening meal is in the slow cooker, second lot of washing is in the machine, first is in the dryer. Spa bath heater has been turned on, towels are folded, dog grooming READY!
Sitting in the Spa checking my phone, listening to “Alexa, play some relaxing music” and looking forward to my first visitor of the day.
Welcome first visitor with a smile. Pinch myself, this is the most amazing opportunity to make a real difference to the grooming experience of my client, bend down and offer a hand to be sniffed at.

So, make my day and give me a call. Book your dog in today!

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