Does Your Dog Have Popcorn Paws?

//Does Your Dog Have Popcorn Paws?

Does your dog have paws that smell of popcorn? No really!  The paw can often have a sweet smell due to a naturally occurring bacteria. This is quite normal but if you notice a very marked increase in the smell you should consult a vet as there may be an underlying yeast infection. Always keep your dog’s paws clean, wash them in warm soapy water after a walk and once a week give them a gentle scrub between each toe, dry them thoroughly afterwards too. Keep the hair between the pads short to help prevent dirt building up. If you do not like doggy feet smell add some bicarbonate of soda to the water.
Make sure you are familiar with your dog’s paws so that you notice any changes. Looking at the underneath of your dog’s paw you can see: –
Often called nails they are made of the same substance as ours, keratin. Each claw is used for traction, digging and grasping. Cutting claws can be trixy so give me a call!
4 smaller Pads (digital pads) and 1 large pad (metacarpal pad)
The digital pads are directly under the dog’s toes and are made up of skin with an inside of fatty tissue. These pads are like our fingers and toes and the metacarpal pad is like our palm
Dew claw
This is the nail that does not touch the ground situated higher up the leg. They may be on both front and back feet but are less common on the rear. Most dogs need this nail cutting regularly as it grows in a circular fashion and can dig into the leg and cause problems.
Small pad further up the leg (carpal pad)
This pad is not a load bearing pad but can provide greater traction when running and turning.

Book a grooming session and get those paws trimmed and tidied up! Give me a call or drop me a message.

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