Caring for your dog in extreme weather.

Birmingham where I live, is currently under a blanket of snow. It looks beautiful. Our dogs still need to go out and get some exercise. Some dogs tolerate the cold better than others so monitor your dog’s response and act accordingly.
This extreme weather means there are extra things to check for when our dogs come in from the cold.

Check for……Ice bobbles
Use tepid water to wash the snow bobbles out of feet and gently feel between the toes to check there is no impacted ice left behind. Keep your dog in the warm to dry thoroughly.

Check for……Salt, grit and anti-freeze.
Our roads and pavements are being salted and gritted and drivers are using anti-freeze on their cars, this can cause real problems for your dog if they lick it from their paws on returning from a walk. If your dog has been walking along roads and pavements then a rinse in fresh water at home will ensure they are not exposed to any danger. Check gently between pads to ensure no grit remains. If pads become chapped and sore, use a paw balm or apply Vaseline.

Check for……Frostbite
Dogs with long floppy ears can get frostbite. Wrap your dog up in a scarf, neck warmer or snood to keep ears up and out of the snow. Frostbite occurs when warm blood leaves extremities like the ears and the tissue freezes. Symptoms include shivering and shaking, tissue discoloration and pain on touching. If you think your dog might have frostbite seek help from your vet.

If you need advice about setting your dog up for the winter pick up the phone and give me a call or send me a message via the website. I’m only too happy to help!

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