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Grooming Restart Programme

This service is specifically designed for older puppies or adult dogs who may have had a difficult previous experience or who lack confidence. Gentle desensitisation, approved by a behaviourist, is employed to restart your dog’s response to grooming and to make the whole process more agreeable for everyone involved.

The four sessions are built around the specific needs of your dog and take place over a timescale we agree on together.

The programme is bespoke but indicatively will include the following: –

 First visit. I will welcome you to the spa and talk to you about your dog whilst he or she explores the environment in a non-threatening way. You can tell me all about your dog’s previous experience with grooming and air any concerns you may have. This visit will last up to an hour and I ask you to stay. Bring some of your dog’s favourite treats as a positive reward.

 Second visit. Returning for another visit builds familiarity with the routine and inspires confidence. I will give your dog space and time to come and greet me before I introduce some of the spa equipment. Based on your dog’s responses I will suggest an action plan for the next two visits.  This visit will last up to an hour and I ask you to stay.

 Third visit.  As this visit is bespoke it may include a selection of the following, brush and comb, introduction to the clippers, a bath, towel dry, use of the dryer, ears cleaned, nails trimmed. The aim is for you to leave your dog with me for all or part of this session.

 Fourth visit. By the time we reach this stage you will be fully informed about the processes involved and what to expect from this session. The aim is that your dog will enjoy the full grooming experience.

Prices start from £100.  Flexible payment options are available. Contact us for your bespoke quote.

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