Not for Dogs!

//Not for Dogs!

Christmas is a time for feasting and we automatically want to involve our pets in the revelries but for our pets there are dangers hidden in plain sight .
Chocolate treats hanging on the Christmas tree or wrapped as presents underneath will be a temptation and your dog’s nose will sniff them out!
The chemical theobromine a bit like caffine, is toxic to dogs. Even small amounts can cause agitation, hyper-excitability, tremors, convulsions and problems with the heart. What to do if you dog eats some? According to guidance from the blue cross, “veterinary treatment should be sought for any dog ingesting more than 20mg /Kg of theobromine -that’s equivalent to 3,5g/Kg of plain or dark chocolate”
Grapes and dried fruit
Ingestion of grapes or their dried products, raisins, sultanas and currants are toxic even in small amounts as they can cause kidney failure. Remember that any food items that contain these, such as mince pies and Christmas pudding will be toxic.
Poinsettia, mistletoe and holly berries.
Keep away from inquisitive doggies as all of these plants may irritate the mouth and/or cause vomiting.
Christmas decorations, wrapping paper and silica gel sachets.
Be aware that wrapping paper, crepe paper and those little silica gel sachets found in some packaging may be tempting for a curious dog. These items are considered low toxicity but still keep your doggy under surveillance and seek veterinary help if you are concerned they may have eaten some and you spot unusual behaviour.

Have a safe , happy Christmas and a wonderful New year.
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