The Puppy Package unwrapped.

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The Puppy Package unwrapped…….

Tracey and Jim chose ‘The Puppy Package’ for Digby and were delighted with the outcome. In this interview they say why.

Tracey and Jim, tell me about Digby, is he your first dog?
Digby is a very boisterous 18 month old black Cockapoo. He has a lovely nature but is very excitable.
His favourite pastimes are endlessly chasing balls and rolling in muddy puddles which can make it difficult to keep him knot free!
Although I grew up with many family dogs, Digby is the first dog  Jim and I have owned together.
I chose the breed because they are a medium size dog who do not shed their fur.

Why did you choose A Star Canine Spa for Digby?
We chose it because Digby will need to be groomed and trimmed regularly throughout his lifetime. I wanted grooming to be a positive experience and something he wouldn’t fear. The thing that appealed the most was the fact that he wouldn’t be restrained in anyway whilst being groomed. This was the most important factor for me in choosing a Dog Groomer.

You opted for ‘The Puppy Package’ what was it that appealed to you?
The puppy package involved 4 sessions spaced about a week or two apart. The first session allowed both Digby and ourselves to get to know you and vice versa.
During the first two sessions Digby was introduced to all the equipment you would be using and he was encouraged to explore and play.

Did it meet your expectations?
The experience surpassed our expectations. Digby very quickly built up a positive relationship with you and we left the sessions feeling relaxed and confdent that we had found the right person to entrust Digby to.

How did Digby respond to the sessions?
Digby was a little unsure to begin with and wasn’t too keen on the moving table. But by the end of the first session he had been everywhere and inspected everything and he’d even got on top of the table!

What difference do you think it made having this option for Digby?
I think it gave Digby time to build up a trusting relationship with you and he was familiar with the sights and sounds of the equipment before his first trim. Digby loves coming to see you, he jumps out of the car and drags me up your path. He jumps straight up onto the table and sits patiently – waiting for praise!

What have you, as owners, gained from The Puppy Package?
Simply put “peace of mind”. We know Digby is being well cared for when we leave him with you and we have a lovely relationship with you too.
Would you recommend The Puppy Package to new puppy owners?
Definitely – It was very reasonably priced and I believe Digby is a much happier dog when being groomed for it!

Thank you!

So, if you know new puppy owners or have a puppy yourself, pass on the information or get in touch and book an appointment.
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