Puppy Package

Have you ever been throw in at the deep end? It isn’t very pleasant and does nothing to build confidence and trust. Your puppy looks to you for confidence so take this opportunity to introduce your puppy to the grooming experience in a sensitive and caring way.

A puppy up to 16 weeks of age will be exploring the world around them (mostly with their mouths) and looking at everything as an opportunity to learn and play, at around 16 weeks of age they begin to enter their first fear phase. This means that they tend to be more startled by new things and more suspicious of the unknown, it’s important for them to experience as many new things as possible between the age of 8-16 weeks including grooming and handling.

This service breaks down the grooming experience into smaller more acceptable, ‘bite sized’ sessions for your puppy.  You can start this package as soon as your puppy is able to socialise.

This service consists of four sessions.  These sessions are booked at your convenience over a period of time to suit you and your growing puppy.

This service is built around you and your puppy’s specific needs.

Indicatively it will include: –

  • Welcome visit. I will welcome you to the spa as if we have been friends forever while your puppy explores the environment. Your puppy will sense your relaxed demeanour, nothing to worry about here, and we take the first step towards a trusting relationship. You can ask me any questions that pop into your mind as we complete a customer care card and plan your next visit. You can tell me all about your puppy and what makes your puppy special. This visit will last up to an hour and I ask you to stay. I ask that you bring some of your puppy’s favourite treats, I may find you a biscuit too!
  • A Welcome back visit. Returning for the second visit builds familiarity with the routine and inspires confidence. I will give your puppy space and time to come and greet me while we go about the normal everyday activity of meeting and greeting. During this visit I will introduce some of the spa equipment and aim to give your puppy a brush. This visit will last up to an hour and I ask you to stay.
  • Brush and Bath.  On this third visit the aim is for you to leave your puppy with me. I will give your puppy a brush a bath and dry. We will also discuss the growth and development of your dog’s coat and how you can best look after it between grooms as it changes from a puppy to an adult coat. I ask that you stay available to return at short notice if your puppy starts to fret.
  • A Grooming Graduation. During this visit your puppy has a full groom including a bath. By the time we reach this stage you will be fully informed about the processes involved and we will have discussed what look best suits your puppy.

The price for this service is £110 

If you have two puppies and would like to bring them together please contact me for a bespoke price.

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