Purrfect Pawtraits at the Spa

//Purrfect Pawtraits at the Spa

After her wonderful photoshoot in the spa I asked Stephanie ‘Purrfect Pawtraits’ about her work.

Why did you become a pet photographer?

For the last three years I photographed people and events but I found that I never really enjoyed the experience and more often than not after a photoshoot I felt physically and mentally drained. It wasn’t until a friend adopted a puppy and asked if I could take some photographs for them that I discovered I really loved working with animals. I grew up in a house full of rescued animals but when I moved into my own flat I found that I missed having the company of a dog when home alone. Photographing animals really helps me de-stress and relax.

What does a photoshoot involve and do you only photograph dogs?

Photoshoots are quite fun for the pet as of course they get treats and a lot of attention. I like to photograph pets in their home as it is much more personal to the owner and a lot less stressful to the pet. I mostly photograph dogs but I also love photographing hamsters and guinea pigs as they are such fun little characters.

How did you come up with your name and logo?

I can.t take credit for my logo as it was all my partners idea. The paw inside the aperture ring perfectly symbolises what the business is about. I think it must have taken me about three weeks to finally settle on Purrfect Pawtraits as a name. I wanted my name to indicate that I am a photographer but also give reference to animals that I work with.

What has been your funniest moment?

Every photoshoot has its moments but my most funny photoshoot was when I discovered the trick to working with a hamster and a prop. As you can imagine hamsters can be very difficult to work with as they do not know commands like a dog does, so I needed to figure out how to distract a hamster to get them to stay still to take a photograph. The secret is honey. The first time I used honey in a photoshoot I couldn’t stop laughing as every second picture made it look like the hamster was sticking her tongue out at me. I would use a small paintbrush and paint honey onto the prop the hamster is posing with, such as a teacup, the hamster would then stand still and lick the honey from the prop all the while pulling funny faces at the camera. I now use honey for every photoshoot with rodents.

If you would like to book Stephanie for a photoshoot contact her at


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