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Spa Bath and Full Groom 

This service is the complete package.  Your four-legged friend will receive the best of everything and have my complete attention as the only guest in the spa. I will begin by welcoming you and giving your dog time to come and say hello to me. I will ask you some questions in order to fill out a customer care card and you can tell me all about your dog and what you want from the groom, while your dog sniffs around the spa.  If you would like to know about the equipment, I can also give you a ‘tour’ of the spa and explain what will be happening to your dog.

This service includes the following: –

  • Consultation. You can tell me all about your dog and what grooming experience she/he has had in the past. You can tell me what makes your dog special and those little things that will help me make the visit special for your dog. I can advise you on cut and style and how to look after your dog’s coat between grooms.
  • Health Check. This covers the basics for example, skin condition.
  • Full brush and de-shedding. For all breeds as necessary.
  • Spa Bath. A warm shower/bath using my home-made essential oil shampoo, calming and soothing Chamomile and Lavender or refreshing Tea Tree and Peppermint.
  • Towel drying. Warm clean towels your dog can snuggle into.
  • Hot air dry. A top of the range pet safe dryer makes drying as stress free as possible
  • Clip or trim. Breed specific grooming or pet trim to your requirements.
  • Nails. Trimmed if appropriate.
  • Ear checked. Cleaned and if required, plucked.

The price of this service is between £45 and £55.  This may vary according to the quality of your dog’s coat.  De-matting may incur an additional cost.

Please contact me below to discuss your dog, receive a bespoke guide price and make an appointment!

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