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Spa Bath & Hand-dry

A spa bath is not just for when your dog is dirty or smelly!

Your dog will benefit from a warm shower and massage with my essential oil shampoo whether it is already squeaky clean or has just emerged from a muddy puddle. I will choose the most appropriate of my homemade shampoos to use, either Chamomile and Lavender to sooth and calm, or Tea Tree and Peppermint to refresh and invigorate.  I may also add other ingredients to the water. Fresh lemon juice will cut through dirt while bicarbonate of soda will neutralise smells and enliven a light colour coat, Earl Grey tea will enhance the shine on a dark coat. (Don’t panic I use tea bags)!

My shampoo is suitable for all skin types and is completely safe for use on both dogs and humans. You can see how it is made by following the link on my blog page and watching my video.

Your dog will enjoy a state-of-the-art hydro therapy bath at the spa. The water is kept at a constant temperature and the rinse tank ensures all shampoo is removed from the coat with clean fresh water. I can alter the force of the shower jets from gentle around the face and ears to a more robust stream to get through dense fur to the skin. Perfect for nervous dogs.

This service includes the following: –

  • Consultation. You can tell me all about your dog and what bathing experience she/he has had in the past. You can tell me what makes your dog special and those little things that will help me make the visit special for your dog. We can decide which shampoo would be most appropriate and how to look after your dog’s coat between grooms.
  • Health Check. This covers the basics for example, skin condition, in particular how your bathing routine may help or in fact hinder.
  • Full brush and de-shedding. A groomer I hold in high regard (thank you Jun the Groomer) says why, when you would not for one moment consider having a shower in your dirty underwear yourself, would you put a dog in the bath without first removing loose coat with a good brush! More brushing please!
  • Towel drying. Warm clean towels your dog can snuggle into.
  • Hot air dry. A top of the range pet safe dryer makes drying as stress free as possible
  • Nails. Trimmed if appropriate.
  • Ear checked. cleaned and if required plucked.

The price of this service is between £30 and £40.  This may vary according to the quality of your dog’s coat and the amount of pre-bath brushing needed. De-matting may incur an additional cost.

Please contact me below to discuss your dog, receive a bespoke guide price and make an appointment!

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