Take your coat off, Winter is coming.

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Take your coat off, Winter is coming.

The days are getting shorter, the wind a bit cooler and the trees are losing their leaves. Winter is just around the corner and it’s time to think about your dog’s winter grooming routine. You may think you can leave it till Spring, after all a long, thick coat in the winter keeps you warm, doesn’t it?


Dogs actually need more frequent grooming in Winter. This is because a long thick coat may turn into a long, wet, matted coat. This in turn means a cold, wet and infection-susceptible dog. Tangles and knots turn into matts which harbour moisture and breed bacteria and a matted coat leads to discomfort, pain and hot spots. Skin oils are prevented from spreading properly through the top coat to provide a waterproof coating.


Brush more, bathe less! Brushing the coat regularly is an absolute must at all times of the year but especially so in Winter. Have the coat short and easy to keep clean. Paws should be kept free of hair underneath to prevent knots and tangles or clumps of snow or ice forming, after all you wouldn’t like to walk with wet rocks in your shoes! Remember after a cold icy walk to wash any salt out of paws and check for debris.

As the nights draw in and the weather deteriorates you might take shorter walks, as a consequence your dog’s nails may not wear down as fast or as much and will need trimming.

Regular professional grooming through the Autumn and Winter will keep your dog’s coat healthy and will prevent the Spring groom being a total shave down, to everyone’s distress!

Dogs particularly at risk of having matted coats include all long-haired breeds, double coated breeds, curly-wurly breeds and definitely all ‘Doodles’.

Do it!

Call me, text me or send a raven! Book a ‘getting ready for winter’ grooming session now!

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