The force is certainly not with me!

//The force is certainly not with me!

Hi, I’m Julie!

I am a dog groomer. I am a restraint free dog groomer. I am a force free dog groomer. Ok so by now you know I am a dog groomer, but do you know what the restraint and force free elements mean?

Many of the first contact calls I receive involve a conversation around these aspects of my work ethic and practice, many people have not given a thought to the way their dog has been handled in a grooming room before and why they might return stressed and pull on the lead in reverse when taken again. But why would you think of this? I certainly didn’t before I became a groomer, my dog was groomed, full stop.

Restraint and force free means I use my understanding of dog body language to work with the dog. I use my body language to communicate what I want the dog to help me do and what ‘work’ I am asking of them. I build confidence and trust, I enter into a relationship with the dog. I ask the dog to trust that what I am doing is acceptable. I am patient and I am kind.

What does this look like in practice?

Well, at A Star Canine Spa your dog will see a safe and enclosed outside space for exploring, sniffing, peeing, pooing, being dog. An inside space that is clean, pleasant smelling, tidy and safe and theirs to snoop about in and homemade shampoo and soap made with essential oils. When you arrive, I will wait for your dog to come into my space before saying hello.

You will not see, because this is what force free means, crates as waiting pens, cabinet dryers, a noose and line to hold your dog in a standing position on the table, slings for fidgety dogs, a noose and line to hold them in the bath, muzzles of any kind or a bank of commercial shampoos and conditioners. I made my choice not to include these methods in my work.


Spread the word! You can choose force free, restraint free grooming for your dog at A Star Canine Spa.

Why not do what I did? Learn dog body language yourself and enhance your relationship with your dog! Contact Pawfect Dogsense for more information.

Me and my dog, Maisie

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